MAPS 2018 Workshop Pre-registration


  • Workshop Pre-registration

    MAPS will be offering 14 timely and topical workshops (4 of which will be repeated twice). The workshops have been designed to be intimate in nature (max 30-40 people per room) so as to produce engaging discussion and interaction between participants and the workshop facilitators. The agenda calls for 6 workshops on day 1 and 12 on day 2. Over the course of the meeting, you will have the opportunity to participate in 3 workshops. Below you will find the 3 workshop rotations, and the workshops available in each rotation. Please rank your TOP 2 in each rotation. MAPS will make every effort to place you into your #1 choice in each rotation, but depending on final responses, it may be necessary to place you into your #2 choice in a rotation. Pre-registering for a workshop will guarantee your participation in either your #1 or #2 choice. Those who do not pre-register may attend any workshops onsite that are not at capacity through pre-registration.
  • ROTATION #1 (Monday, February 26 from 10:30-12:00)

  • ROTATION #2 (Tuesday, February 27 from 08:45-10:15)

  • ROTATION #3 (Tuesday, February 27 from 10:45-12:15)

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