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MAPS is transforming Medical Affairs to increase its value to companies and, ultimately, benefit patients and consumers.


In recent years, Medical Affairs has experienced significant changes, from organizational structures and job responsibilities to data-sharing technology and federal regulations. Keeping up and moving forward can be a challenge. That’s why we established the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS), a non-profit [501(c)(3)] global society – FOR Medical Affairs Professionals. BY Medical Affairs Professionals.

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Medical Affairs: Finding our Voice as a Profession

What does being the voice of Medical Affairs mean? Kirk Shepard, former MAPS President & Sr. VP, Head of Global Medical Affairs Oncology at Eisai discusses the importance of forming that voice in partnership with other functions. Charlotte Kremer, MAPS President & EVP & Head of Medical Affairs, Astellas urges Medical Affairs to ‘lean in’ and be a proactive strategic leader.

Why MAPS was Formed and Why It will Be a Change Agent

Kirk Shepard, former Global President of MAPS and Senior VP, Head of Global Medical Affairs Oncology, Eisai on why MAPS was formed: to bring Medical Affairs professionals together and advocate for a standardisation of approach within Medical Affairs and develop capabilities in response to a changing healthcare landscape.

High-Impact Medical Affairs

Thérèse McCall, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Depomed on her vision for MAPS: to clearly articulate what Medical Affairs brings to the business and prepare MA professionals to be better informed and more connected partners within their organisations.

Partnering for Medical Affairs Excellence

Rick Morton, Former International Head of Value & Access, Allergan on the importance of collaboration across functions to make Medical Affairs more effective and the importance of cross-company learning and experience sharing.

Global Alignment & Achieving a Unified Scientific Voice

Paul Tebbey, Therapeutic Area Head, Oncology, US Medical Affairs, AbbVie discusses the challenge of global alignment across geographies and different therapeutic groups and the role of MAPS in helping to define the role of Medical Affairs and the value of experience sharing across companies.

The Role of MAPS in Elevating the Patient Voice

Victoria Elegant, MAPS JAPAC President & VP & Region Head, Medical, JAPAC, at Amgen on the vital role Medical Affairs plays in integrating the patient voice within organizations and how MAPS can play an instrumental part in elevating the patient voice.

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