About MAPS

MAPS is the premier non-profit global society of Medical Affairs professionals across a spectrum of fields, experience, and locales. With our non-profit status, MAPS is able to reinvest all revenue back into the society, which ensures our ability to create valuable programs and resources that support the Medical Affairs community. By partnering with members like you, MAPS is transforming the Medical Affairs industry to increase its value to companies and, ultimately, benefit patients and consumers.

Mission & Vision

MAPS Vision

Elevate the role of Medical Affairs to be a partner with its Commercial and R&D colleagues, and lead the industry in the education of customers on the safe and appropriate use of products for the benefit of patients

MAPS Mission
Our mission is to advance the Medical Affairs profession and increase its impact across the Life Sciences industry by
·       Promoting excellence across Medical Affairs functions
·       Developing guidelines to support industry standards and best practices
·       Fostering advocacy for the Medical Affairs position
·       Providing education and encouraging professional collaborations that support the practice of Medical Affairs


MAPS is not a single event or training but an ongoing active community

Committed to promoting excellence and growth in the profession by:

  • Fostering the highest standards of practice
  • Creating a peer-to-peer forum for information sharing and networking
  • Increasing the value and relevance of Medical Affairs within the industry

Building credibility and value for the MA profession by addressing concerns of external stakeholders (e.g., Healthcare Professionals and patients), such as:

  • Optimizing medical services and technology
  • Increasing transparency through data and communication
  • Cultivating talent and competencies to keep up with changes and advancements in the field

A comprehensive provider of innovative educational and informative resources, training and events

  • Covers all aspects of medical affairs, not just Medical Science Liaisons, publications or grant funding.

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