Advisory Board Planning

Dr. Ramin Farhood, VP, Head of Global Medical Affairs at AveXis, and Dr. Randall Kaye, Global Head of Medical Affairs at SSI Strategy discuss the essential steps and strategy behind creating effective advisory boards.

Advisory boards are commonly held with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to obtain expert feedback on various aspects related to a product or disease state.

An effective advisory board is a useful tool to gain insights on possible research opportunities, including guidance on clinical development and trial protocols, as well as unmet medical needs that might drive future clinical strategies. Input on marketing strategies, plans or materials can also be acquired through these meetings. Conducting direct engagement with the medical community, advisory boards help in product development, data generation, strategy refinement and in creating relevant and reliable educational and promotional content.

A successful advisory board is one that generates actionable deliverables and that fosters positive relationships with prominent members of the scientific community.

After this MAPS eCademy Webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Define a clear and focused goal for the meeting
  • Organize the group of advisors/representatives with the variety of skills and expertise needed for the discussion.
  • Clarify expectations when inviting an expert to join an advisory board
  • Identify readiness of board members
  • Select an effective moderator
  • Execute the meeting appropriately
  • Design the relevant communication methods
  • Assess meeting and obtain feedback
  • Implement feedback in action
  • Implement follow-up plan

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