Global Alignment in an Era of Complex Therapeutic Portfolios: Is It Possible to Achieve a Borderless, Unified, Scientific Voice?


Paul Tebbey, PhD, MBA
Therapeutic Area Head, Oncology

Leon Rozen, MD
Senior Medical Director, Global Oncology

Anna Walz


This workshop will focus on the challenges and opportunities surrounding the creation, communication, and dissemination of high level, multi-product, multi-indication therapeutic platforms that must span across varied geographic regions and regulatory landscapes. This complex scientific communications challenge coupled with the unique regulatory and cultural differences between regions can make alignment across a global medical affairs organization seem impossible. This workshop will present a real-world success story and then invite participants to share their experiences and best-practices associated with developing, organizing, and distributing complex, layered scientific narratives in a global Medical Affairs setting.


Upon Completion of this workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Identify best practices for creating and communicating complex, multi-product, multi-indication, scientific platforms
  • Describe why early involvement of global stakeholders in the scientific narrative development process is necessary
  • Translate how to apply best practices to develop unified scientific narratives that can be used across regions and regulatory environments


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