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Note: submission of an activity request does not guarantee it will be published to the Medical Affairs Calendar. All requests will be reviewed by the appropriate leadership team(s) in MAPS, and if the event is deemed appropriate for MAPS members and the Medical Affairs Community at large, and meets the reasonable standards and expectations set forth by MAPS leadership, a notification of publication will be sent to the corresponding administrative contact listed in your submission. Priority will be given to other non-profit organizations and/or associations with established records of developing quality programs and initiatives for the Medical Affairs Community. MAPS will not publish listings for activities promoting service offerings for for-profit organizations.
  • If a single day, non-recurring event, indicate the start and stop times.
  • If a live meeting/event, indicate the city, state, and country. If it is a virtual event, such as Webinar, indicate: Virtual.
  • E.g. if you have an event/activity Website
  • The name of the person visitors to the site should contact for more information. If it is a general inbox, such as "Congress Secretariat", please indicate as such. Note: this name will be listed publicly in the calendar listing.
  • The email address of the person visitors to the site should contact for more information. Note: this email address will be listed publicly in the calendar listing.
  • Please indicate the email address for the primary point of contact MAPS should contact for questions about this calendar posting request. Note: this email address will NOT be listed publicly in the calendar, unless same as above.


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