Creating an Integrated Core Scientific Framework for Communicating to Diverse External Stakeholders: A Health Science Approach



Medical Affairs professionals must engage with multiple stakeholders in healthcare delivery, including clinicians, patients, payers and policy makers. Each of these audiences is focused on different value drivers and requires specialized communications and messaging to make informed decisions. Traditional scientific communications platform (SCP) usage is usually limited to the Medical team. Internal functions focused on other audiences (e.g. payers, patients, policy makers) often create their own message frameworks, duplicating efforts and potentially leading to misalignment. Increasingly, audiences expect to be informed of the bigger picture and to contribute to the wider value story through direct interactions with other stakeholder groups. HealthScience brings together clinical, economic, social, behavioral and policy perspectives to demonstrate therapeutic value in healthcare systems. The HealthScience approach can be used to expand the concepts and content of the SCP to provide an integrated engagement plan and proposals for evidence generation.


Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this session, participants should:

  • Evaluate the commonalities and differences in the use, structure and evolution of scientific communications platforms within and between companies
  • Understand how a HealthScience approach can help to integrate insights, communications and evidence generation plans across multiple functions

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