Digital Opinion Leaders: A Challenging Role in a Changing Environment

Speakers: Baris Ugur, MD, PhD and Jorge Fragoso

An E-influencer is an individual who has a significant influence on online platforms and frequently shares original content online which achieves high reach (direct followers) and depth (wide audience).

Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) is an E-influencer who is a HCP or someone who influences public health, public health policies, and public health implementation. DOLs, in essence, are Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) on a digital platform. DOLs may be practicing or non-practicing HCPs; some may no longer practice but are currently active health journalists.

  • Who is a Digital Opinion Leader?
    • Define your DOLs: How can I identify DOLs in my therapeutic area / country level?
    • Map your DOLs
    • Plan you engagement
  • How to engage a DOL?
    • Build:
      • Establish a two-way relationship – Defining a pathway to implement a DOL initiative
    • Touch:
      • Who will be the first contact? – Define Critical Success Factors to ensure a correct implementation
    • Loop:
      • Following up, measure and feedback – What are the recommended metrics to measure DOL impact?

After attending this eCademy Webinar, and/or its associated workshop at the MAPS EMEA 2018 Annual Meeting in Berlin this October, participants will be better able to:

  • Harmonize understanding of who a DOL is and the milestones to be considered in the implementation of a DOL initiative.
  • Build a well-defined road map to implement a DOL engagement initiative at a local level.


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