Ann Ford, JD
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Deputy General Counsel
Medline Industries

Ilyssa Levins
Center for Communication Compliance


Life Sciences is facing new challenges that require bold thinking at this time of change.  You can more effectively position MA as integral to the industry’s long-term impact by articulating your functional value to business partners. Join us and co-create an acumen tool for accelerating your professional success as trusted leaders and business partners for optimizing patient outcomes


At the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe why strategic acumen and innovative thinking are as important as medical expertise when driving change in today’s environment
  • Demonstrate how to collaborate with colleagues to create a new tool for medical affairs professionals that improves leadership agility and performance
  • Apply new talking points and triggers for driving conversations about patient outcomes which resonate with internal and external executives
  • Formulate the foundation for a critical, practical tool to support the growth and success of medical affairs professionals


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Building a Medical Affairs Acumen Tool to Articulate Functional Value to Business Partners 


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