Robert J. Matheis, PhD, MA
Executive Director, Head of Global Scientific Communications

Matthew Lewis, MPA
EVP and Global Practice Lead
ApotheCom: A Huntsworth Health Company

Kelly Malloy
Sr. Director, Client Partnerships and Strategic Analytics
ApotheCom: A Huntsworth Health Company

Craig Burgess
Director, Business Solutions and Data Analysis
ApotheCom: A Huntsworth Health Company


This workshop will present a number of scenarios common to the medical affairs environment that field‐based personnel, home‐office staff, solution providers, associations and other stakeholders are likely to encounter, and the role of data, analytics and insight generation in supporting better decisions. All learning objectives will be satisfied through examples provided in the observation and demonstration of key stakeholders in the medical affairs environment. The workshop will be led through a combination of small‐group exercises, hands‐on group activity, discussion, brainstorming
and mini‐shares.


Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize common frameworks for identifying data, distilling it into useful information and generating insight in a Medical Affairs setting
  • Identify factors used to ensure medical affairs teams can remain up to date in their assigned therapeutic areas, including keywords, tagging, filtering, summaries and scoring mechanisms
  • Measure the value of a learning module that integrates interactivity and online scoring
  • Determine the value of both social and scholarly impact of a peer-reviewed publication, classifying which measures are available at what time following publication and to what degree each correlates with impact of a publication and overall success
  • Confirm the sequential value of bibliometric and sociometric approaches to key opinion leader identification
  • Apply data-centric thinking in their work environment, following conclusion of the workshop


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Facilitating the Data Journey in Medical Affairs: Applying Analytics and Getting Answers


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