LaVerne Mooney, DrPH, MPH
Director, Publications

Sara Rouhi, MS
Director of Engagement & Advocacy


The Medical Affairs 2.0 paradigm is reshaping how corporate R&D evaluates its prelaunch efforts. With medical information available 24/7 across thousands of digital resources from Wikipedia to Medscape, companies are turning to new medical affairs strategies and metrics to ensure they can effectively measure the efficacy of their scientific messaging and reach key stakeholder audiences prelaunch.

Not only are key stakeholders seeking medical information online directly, they are increasingly going to third parties to “filter” medical information for them, using social media and trusted practitioners who blog or write in the news to recommend content critical to their practice or their care.

How does a company keep a finger on this digital pulse that moves 24/7/365 in all major languages across the internet? Alternative metrics — that is, indicators of engagement with online research products — are playing a critical role in helping companies measuring their efficacy in these digital spaces.

This workshop will introduce attendees to what alternative metrics are, where they can be found, key providers, what they indicate, and what they mean in terms of audience targeting and information dissemination. Attendees will walk through case studies in small groups, evaluating real Altmetric data for their own companies.

This will be vendor-neutral overview highlighting all major data providers – free and paid – and the differences in what their data demonstrate and how to access that data.


Upon completion of this workshop attendees will:

  • Demonstrate what alternative metrics are, where they can be found, who provides them, and what they mean
  • Implement experiences with cases in Medical Affairs use cases including KOL identification, share of voice analysis, and information dissemination strategies
  • Evaluate alternative metrics providers


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Measuring the Impact of Medical Information: New Metrics for the Medical Affairs 2.0 Paradigm


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