Stephen Dodge, PharmD, MBA
Associate Vice President – Field Medical Affairs                               

Mark Cziraky, PharmD
Vice President of Research

Mark LaLeike, MS
Managing Director
Scientific Commercialization                                                                     

Josephine Li-McCleod, RPh, PhD
Chief Strategy Officer


Traditionally, Medical Affairs has had a very targeted role in conversations with payer organizations, working primarily to communicate clinical and scientific content. The relationships between the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and payer organizations continues to evolve; and Medical Affairs is positioned to take on a greater role in the conversation to ensure patients have appropriate access to novel therapies.  As the availability and understanding of real world data grows both payers and manufacturers struggle with how to improve patient access while managing cost to the healthcare system.  We have seen manufacturers invest in RWE programs expecting benefits in market access and have also seen payers not consider these data in their reimbursement decisions.  To provide more value from these research efforts, we believe that Medical Affairs teams should strengthen their understanding of payer perspectives and their consideration of RWE in reimbursement decisions. This workshop focuses on providing additional context and case examples directly related to health economics and market access for commercial payers in the US.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe their organization’s Market Access group with respect to targeted payers and treatments, e.g., use of specific questions to understand priorities, market access strategy, etc.
  • Apply Evidence Development Framework to evaluate potential value of RWE programs
  • Interpret potential/perceived constraints in context of company policies, US regulations and ethical consideration


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Payer Perspective in use of Real World Evidence (RWE)


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