Joe Walsh, MBA
Vice President
Komodo Health                                                          

Edward Bezarro, PharmD
Executive Director, Medical Affairs
Intarcia Therapeutics

Aswin Chandrakantan, MD
Head of Product
Komodo Health

The notion of increasing focus on addressing patient needs has been a central theme to the evolution of Medical Affairs over the past decade.  But in practice, Medical Affairs teams find it difficult to utilize patient-level insights to enrich medical strategy, non-promotional engagement and performance reporting – patient-level data is often inaccessible, lacks provider identifiers or is inconsistently sampled. As a result, we believe Med Affairs teams miss significant relevant opportunities to transform standard of care and ultimately alleviate disease burden.

Using one of the largest graphs of anonymized patient-level insights in the US, constructed with over 250M lives, we aim to demonstrate how patient-level insights can enrich traditional approaches to planning, engagement and reporting.  Using this approach to enhance – not replace – traditional methods, we believe Medical Affairs teams can engineer a shift toward truly addressing unmet medical need and disease burden.

The objective of the workshop is to provide participants with first-hand experience in applying a patient-centered approach to medical affairs engagements to significantly improve planning, discovery and engagement in specific indications across Oncology and General Medicine. Breaking out into groups, participants will get access to a unique predictive analytics solution to see for themselves how to significantly improve planning, discovery, engagement and reporting using disease burden as a unifying metric. After the workshop, participants will have a much deeper understanding of how patient-level data can help Medical Affairs teams significantly improve medical and scientific engagement.  Ultimately, participants will be inspired to leverage data-driven approaches to improve patient-centricity and help their Medical Affairs teams achieve the next level of impact.


At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify education engagement P2P programming candidates and emerging leaders
  • Perform clinical trial site and investigator selection and validation
  • Conduct competitive KOL intelligence on consulting, research and speaking using Open Payments spend by key manufacturers


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Taking a Patient Centric Approach to Medical Affairs Engagement


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