Monicca Shanthanelson, PhD, CMPP
Director, Scientific Services
MedThink SciCom                 

Chari Dheepa, MS, CMPP
Senior Director/Team Leader, Global Medical Communications
Pfizer Oncology   


The scientific communication platform (SCP) forms the core for all communications about a product and serves as the repository of available evidence to support preclinical, clinical/medical, and value statements, including those that are aspirational. Ensuring all stakeholders are aligned with the content and committed to its use is a critical success factor in establishing an effective SCP.

This workshop will encourage dynamic participation through a series of segments with brief, prompting presentations followed by group engagement exercises. For example, a facilitator will present set-up information on a specific topic or key question for ~5-7 minutes, and discussion in individual working groups will follow.  Worksheets will be provided for participants to capture important learnings to serve as reminders when putting learnings into practice. As time allows, sharing of learnings between working groups will be incorporated.

At the completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the critical role stakeholder involvement plays in ensuring adoption of the SCP
  • Describe ways to ensure continued relevance of your living SCP content
  • Describe ways to ensure consistent usability of the platform
  • Determine best practices for training key stakeholders


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Your Scientific Communication Platform Has Been Built. So Now What?


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