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Healthcare Industry Overview

Join Nathan Moore, MD, Instructor in Clinical Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, General Internist, BJC HealthCare, as he discusses the state of the United States healthcare system and how it will change in the next decade. We will examine the dimensions of cost, access and quality and how the U.S. compares to other countries, as well as differences within the US. We will examine the changing roles of patients, payers, providers, industry and government in the context of the Affordable Care Act, changes with the new presidential administration, and increased efforts to reduce health care spending.  We will discuss how these changes will affect the pharmaceutical and device industries and relationships with providers and hospitals.

Upon completion of this Webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the foundations of the US health care system and major issues the system faces today
  • Anticipate likely changes to the US health care system and how they will affect the health care industry
  • Develop strategies to teach employees and colleagues about the US health care system

Topic area: Individual Competency
Strategic alignment: Industry Knowledge





Nathan Moore, MD
Instructor in Clinical Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine
General Internist, BJC HealthCare
St. Louis, Missouri

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Our Most Recent Webinar Available Now On-demand! Link below.

Aligning Field-Based Medical Team Activities to the Corporate Scientific Imperatives

Join Dr Robin Winter-Sperry, MD, Head, Global Field Based Medical Excellence & Insights, Global Medical Operations at Sanofi Genzyme, and Kyle Kennedy, Vice President, Customer Strategy at The Medical Affairs Company as they discuss Aligning Field-Based Medical Team Activities to the Corporate Strategic Imperatives.

Upon completion of this Webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify if your activity is linked to the company’s core strategic imperatives
  • Define strategic imperatives
  • Interpret how field based medical teams activities align with internal stakeholders

Who should view this Webinar?
Field-based Medical Affairs professionals (MSLs, Medical Outcomes Liaisons, HE/OR Liaisons, Nurse Educators, Clinical Trial Liaisons, etc.) and all Medical Affairs professionals who interact with field medical teams.


On-demand eCademy Webinars Available Now

Moving the Needle in Medical Affairs: Evolving How Medical Affairs Defines & Measures Impact

Join Dr Harris Ahmad, Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs, Immunoscience Marketed Products at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Anna Walz, CEO of MedEvoke as they discuss Moving the Needle in Medical Affairs: Evolving How Medical Affairs Defines & Measures Impact.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify best practices for validating your product’s strategic communication focus
  • Gain insight into the value data can bring to Medical Affairs product leadership during planning cycles for new and established products
  • Obtain a working knowledge of how cross-function teams within Medical Affairs can apply insights gleaned from data to adjust scientific communications focus


Building Business Acumen for Medical Affairs

Join Ben Cook, President of Acumen Learning, as he discusses Building Business Acumen for Medical Affairs. Acumen means “quickness of perception, keen insight, useful knowledge, mental acuteness.” We define Business Acumen as understanding how the company makes money through its business model, how the pieces of the big picture of overall company operations fit together, and how to impact them. We do not attempt to make participants into financial analysts or experts. It is not a course in accounting but rather in how to better understand critical business, financial, and other dynamics, including core concepts of making better business decisions to positively impact key company metrics while also better partnering with other functions as business partners.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES Participants in the Building Business Acumen® (“BBA”) course achieve the following major objectives:

1. Know business strategies for success that are important to senior executives and the connection that Medical Affairs as an organization has on company success

2. Understand a decision-­‐‑making framework used by Executives to make better business decisions that drive long-­‐‑term sustainable value for the business. And how Medical Affairs leaders play vital roles in that framework.

3. Learn how to better understand key financial metrics and trends within Healthcare while also being able to dissect key industry performance, trends, and pressures that customers/partners also face

4. Become a better communicator of your company’s strategy and performance through understanding important business terms and financial success metrics and connect the Medical Affairs organization’s strategies to the company


The Transformation of Medical Affairs:
A Collaborative Journey to Achieve Success

During this webinar Dr Kirk Shepard, MAPS President, will share his vision, addressing such critical topics as the:

  • Transformative changes in drug development, health care delivery, and medical practice
  • Shifting stakeholder paradigm—from physician centric to patient and payer centric
  • Evolving challenges and opportunities for medical affairs professionals in the 21st century
  • The role of MAPS in helping to achieve our collective goals.


Medical Affairs 2025: Keeping Up, Building Capabilities, and Demonstrating Value in a Rapidly Changing World

During this webinar, Drs Therese McCall, Global Medical Affairs Strategy and Communications Leader, and Kirk Shepard, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Medical Affairs Oncology, Eisai, Inc., and MAPS President, will address such compelling topics as:

  • Medical Affairs 2025—defining our “new normal”
  • The key factors that comprise a high-impact medical affairs department, and the necessary competencies required to achieve success
  • The morphology of real world evidence—the growing need for dependable data to ensure optimal clinical decision-making
  • Medical affairs as the hub for establishing relationships and communicating data


Conceptualizing and Communicating the True Value of Medical Affairs

During this webinar, Dr Robert Matheis, Executive Director and Head of Global Scientific Communications at Celgene Corporation, will offer Medical Affairs professionals key insights into:

  • Establishing a comprehensive value proposition for medical affairs
  • Matching mission with measure
  • Identifying and establishing “surrogate markers” of impact
  • “Matrix Metrics” in communicating value proposition


Medical Affairs in Drug and Medical Device Companies – Are They Different?

Join Ann Ford, BSN, JD, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Medline Industries, Inc. and Robyn Shapiro, JD, Attorney and Founder, Health Sciences Law Group, as they explore the differences in Medical Affairs between the drug and device industries.

During this webinar, the speakers will focus on answering the following questions:

  • How does the research and approval process differ between drugs and devices?
  • When is the right time to start Medical Affairs in a medical device company? How do KOL relationships differ for medical devices vs drugs?
  • Why is real world evidence important?
  • How can Medical Affairs activities support optimal reimbursement?


The MAPS Annual Meeting & Community is TRANSFORMATIONAL – It’s a NEW BEGINNING for our PROFESSION — It is YOUR MEETING; attend this webinar and learn why!

Join us as we take a deep dive into the MAPS 2017 Annual Meeting—DELIVERING ON THE VISION FOR MEDICAL AFFAIRS: Rethinking Our Role and Value. During this webinar, Ramin Farhood, PharmD, MBA, Vice President, Head of Global Medical Affairs at AveXis, and member of MAPS Executive Leadership Committee and Kirk Shepard, MD, MAPS President, will share their vision on what makes this meeting unique, and why you must attend.

The Value of Medical Affairs Across the Continuum of Drug Development

From drug design through product launch, Medical Affairs brings critical value and has a significant role to fill. Gail Cawkwell, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer and VP of Medical Affairs at Purdue Pharma, will share her vision and insights on the importance of Medical Affairs across the continuum from the early stages of drug development through product launch, and beyond. Dr Cawkwell is joined by Dr. Tracy Mayne, Head of Medical Affairs Strategic Research at Purdue Pharma, who will contribute his views on the topic, as well.


A to B to Z of Patient Centricity: What Does It Mean for Medical Affairs?

Join Emily Lemiska, Associate Director of State Advocacy & Director of Communications, U.S. Pain Foundation, and Diane Cleverley, PhD, Founder Concierge Conversations, as they focus on the voice of the patient, allowing participants to better understand:

  • The meaning of patient centricity
  • Existing barriers to access
  • Evolving trends in patient involvement in the life sciences industry
  • What patients truly need on their journey to achieve good health
  • and how Medical Affairs professionals can help!


What’s in Store for MAPS

Join us as MAPS leadership, including MAPS President Kirk Shepard, discuss what’s in the pipeline for the Society, how our members are helping drive forward important initiatives for the Medical Affairs profession, and what’s in store as we kick off our MAPS eCademy learning series.


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