Speakers: Mónica de Abadal, MD and Giota Papamarkou


Life science companies are facing unprecedented change requiring a rapid evolution of the Medical Affairs function. Patients are at the centre of  Medical Affairs mission, which is the basis for ethical decision making and conduct of activities. Medical Affairs excellence is also achieved by following robust Ethics and Compliance principles and therefore leading by example within the organisation.

Without doubt, a close collaboration between Medical Affairs and Ethics and Compliance functions for achieving excellence in Medical Affairs and beyond is needed. This Webinar will give an overview of several of the important topics that will be covered during the MAPS EMEA Annual Meeting taking place this October in Berlin.

Learning Objectives:

By participating in this Webinar, attendees will be able to understand the importance of E&C in Medical Affairs and the amount of topics that this can cover

  • The role of Medical Affairs in guiding ethical decisions internally and externally
  • The impact of Medical Affairs beyond its remit
  • Importance if sharing best practices for the role of Medical Affairs in strategic brand planning, and the ethics and compliance considerations for Medical Affairs plans
  • And many other hot topics such as pro-active and reactive scientific exchange