Field Based Medical LCM in the Device and Pharma World

Speakers: Kevin Appareti and Suzanne Giordano, PhD



As healthcare continues to transform, we need to stay connected to our customers in many ways.  From Upstream scientific exchange driving research, to clinical trial design establishing evidence, to co-creation workshops establishing value propositions, to education and post-release support to drive adoption, collaboration with customers across the solution lifecycle is key to providing the best solutions to our customers.  MSLs are becoming more important and playing key roles across the lifecycle in partnership with many others who play important roles.  I will describe the landscape, drivers, and opportunities for engaging with customers across the lifecycle and how we socialize learnings across the organization.



  • Understand the different drivers of increased value in Medical Affairs
  • Opportunities for gathering insights across the solutions lifecycle
  • Roles participating across the solution lifecycle in a medical device company


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