Focus Area Working Groups

In collaboration with our leadership teams, the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) has conceptualized the Medical Affairs function in 13 general focus areas, leading to the creation of the following 13 Focus Area Working Groups (FAWGs). Each FAWG is a committee of MAPS members with area expertise who collaborate to produce content and training resources, and provide guidance and guidelines to steer the future direction of their specialty within Medical Affairs. Meet our FAWG members and see FAWG activities below.


Latest FAWG Updates

John Pracyk Leadership Perspective 7
In this installment of the Leadership Perspectives series, we speak with some of the top Medical Affairs leaders from Johnson & Johnson as they think about the rapid new ascension of Medical Affairs into a fully integrated strategic business partner.
The Future is Now: Measuring and Communicating the Medical Productivity Index (MPI)
This podcast focuses on the Medical Productivity Index (MPI), which seeks to quantify aspects of Medical Affairs including the MSL/HCP relationship and an individual's impact on patient outcomes.
The Power of the Empowered MSL
In this webinar, an MSL, a Medical Field Excellence Leader, and a Solution Provider discuss an aligned partnership to supercharge scientific exchange.
Pharmaceutical teams need a different way to approach working virtually. The secret isn't adding more virtual calls, but unlocking the strategic power of virtual work. Download this white paper to see how your peers are achieving more, with fewer meetings.
Education Streaming: A New Way to Engage HCPs in Scientific Exchange
This podcast explores how Medical Affairs can implement a Netflix-like, education streaming strategy to obtain direct access to HCPs and engage with them repeatedly.
Here John Pracyk, MD, PhD, MBA, MAPS President of the Americas Region speaks with some of the top Medical Affairs leaders from Johnson & Johnson as they share their perspective on the impact of Digital on Healthcare.
MAPS speaks with Ariel Katz, co-founder and CEO of H1, about the future of the Medical Affairs function and the factors driving the current pace of change.
The Metrics Evolution from Taboo to Treasure
This webinar explores real world and novel approaches to customizing and creating Medical Affairs metrics that are relevant, and most meaningful.
Practical Strategies for Augmenting Diversity in Clinical Trials
This podcast details ways to identify and engage diverse patients in Medical Affairs clinical trials, empowering the function’s core mission to maximize the benefit of new pharmaceutical and MedTech products to patients in the wider healthcare landscape.

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