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Rob Matheis, PhD, MA, Executive Director, Global Scientific Communications


Annual Meeting Committee

The Annual Meeting Committee (AMC) is responsible for the development of the agenda for the MAPS Annual Meeting, as well as the planning of all meeting elements, including setting parameters for exhibits, networking events and other ancillary meetings.

Members of the AMC have over 10 years of direct Medical Affairs experience in life sciences companies, and/or in supporting Medical Affairs organizations as a solution provider or consultant. They serve at or have served at the Director level or higher in their organizations. As with all other MAPS committees, AMC members are volunteers and are not remunerated for their time.

The AMC will provide timely feedback during Web conferences and via email or phone calls in between meetings, and perform the following services as applicable:
o Proposing topics of interest and importance to the Medical Affairs profession that align with MAPS vision and mission
o Identifying speakers who are experts in the identified topic area
o Have initial outreach to approved speakers; MAPS staff will follow up with formal invitations
o Work with speakers to ensure development of appropriate presentations
o Recommend keynote speakers
o Create annual meeting evaluation
o Analyze annual meeting evaluation results
o Assess success of prior year’s program and recommend potential changes in agenda format/structure based on attendee feedback.
Colleen DeVaul, Director, US Medical Affairs - Health Systems
Stanislov Glezer, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer

Terry Griesing, PhD , Vice President, North America Medical Affairs
Mary Holloway, President & Co-Founder
David Jencen, PhD, Principal
Kyle Kennedy, Managing Director
Matthew Lewis, MPA, EVP & Global Practice Lead
Thérèse McCall, MD, MBA, President and Founder, McCall Medical Affairs Strategies, LLC
Jacob Runyan, MSc, MBA/HMC, Director, Scientific Communications
Joyce Ryan, DNP, RN, NP, Vice President, Clinical Affairs

Regional Activities

These committees will be created on an as-needed basis according to global geographic needs (eg, APAC, Central/South America).



The eCADEMY Committee is appointed and charged with responsibilities associated with planning quality e-Learning programs (e.g. webinars and Ask the Expert discussion forums), faculty recruitment, assisting faculty with PowerPoint decks, cadence planning for webinars and satisfaction of MAPS members. The Committee shall perform needs assessments, plan, develop, guide implementation, and evaluate e-learning programs, to include (but is not limited to) Learning solutions and/or programs consistent with the MAPS mission, strategic plan, and/or direction provided by the MAPS Executive Leadership Committee (ELC).

Specific responsibilities for the eCADEMY Committee include:

  1. Develop a standard approach and criteria for webinars (timing, agenda, amount of interaction, minimized marketing, etc.)
  2. Develop a robust series of webinars for MAPS members
  3. Solicit and approve webinars for the MAPS 2018 planning
  4. Solicit experts to provide content for MAPS relevant content for Webinars
  5. Help grow the MAPS membership
  6. Review the data from recent surveys and solicit member input to ensure a vigorous delivery of value items.

Resources & News

The Educational Resources and News Committee is responsible for the identification of materials of relevance to Medical Affairs professionals that can be

  • Posted in the MAPS Vault
  • Distributed to members
  • Made publicly available
  • Become the basis for an eCADEMY webinar

This committee will also be responsible for the ongoing review of the resources on the website, and recommend deletions/changes/updates to dovetail with changes in the Medical Affairs/life sciences environment. This committee will liaise with MAPS Director of Member Engagement, who is responsible for vetting materials for posting or distribution, and acquiring permission, as needed, to utilize said materials. This committee will also liaise with the eCADEMY Committee regarding topics for educational webinars.

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