How Medical Affairs Physicians Can Help to Provide Leadership and Solutions that Will Create a Better, More Sustainable and Higher Value Health System

Moderator: Stephen L. Ondra, MD – CEO, North Star Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Chris Jennings – Founder and President, Jennings Policy and Strategies, Inc.
Roy Beveridge, MD – CMO, Humana
Peter Staats, MD – Senior Executive Advisor for Medical and Government Affairs, electroCore
Natasha Latif – Senior Associate, The Vistria Group


The Medical Affairs Professional Society is proud to host another in this series of Webinars and Podcasts on how the Medical Affairs Physicians can help to provide leadership and solutions that will create a better, more sustainable and higher value health system.

The development of biologic and other specialty pharmaceuticals is bringing hope and opportunity to patients but also financial challenges to a health system that is already stressed and increasingly economically unsustainable.  Adding further complexity, medical technology is beginning to blur the distinction between devices and traditional pharmaceutical delivery methods.

With medical treatment options evolving far more rapidly than either public or private payer policy can keep up, strategies are needed to find new ways to bring needed innovative treatments to market in a way that delivers the greatest value in the healthcare system.

Solutions will require a collaboration between the various parties and that begins with discussions that can help all sides better understand the perspective, needs and opportunities available to all the stakeholders.

Medical Affairs professionals are ideally positioned to facilitate and guide such discussions due to their unique understanding of the demands of healthcare delivery, as well as the business operations from across the healthcare industry.

In this offering, we bring together a roundtable of innovative leaders from the payer, pharmaceutical, medical device, provider (Integrated Delivery Networks) and consumer/purchaser sectors to discuss some of the challenging problems and opportunities in this space.


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