Innovative Approaches to Informed Consent

Source: Grady C, Cumings SR, Rowbotham MC, McConnell MV, Ashley EA, and Kang G. N Engl J Med. 2017:376(9):856-867

As technology continues to transform the conduct of clinical trials, other associated processes need to evolve in kind. In a multipart review in the March 2, 2017, issue of NEJM, Grady and colleagues provide “an overview of innovative approaches to improving and expanding the informed consent process for researchers and participants, along with short essays covering specific areas of innovation.”
The review is segmented into the following topics:
• The changing face of informed consent
• Electronic informed consent and internet-based trials
• Mobile health research — App-based trials and informed consent
• Video informed consent

To access the full article, please visit the link below:

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