MAPS Volunteer Committees

Get involved… Make a difference… Join a MAPS Committee

As a young and growing non-profit organization, we count on our member volunteers to help us achieve our goals that, in turn, support our membership. Our volunteer committees engage members in your areas of interest and expertise. Members like you are critical to the continued success of MAPS, and we value your time and leadership.

MAPS committees are comprised of MAPS member volunteers who work within the global Medical Affairs community. All committee volunteers must be a MAPS member in good standing. MAPS committees are organized into 4 general categories, and each committee has a specific remit. Although each committee has an individual focus, MAPS encourages cross-communication with other committees to ensure that initiatives are integrated as needed, have consistent messages, and do not overlap.


General Committee Operating Principles

Each committee has a chair and co-chair that will liaise directly with the MAPS Executive Director, as well as other staff and leadership, as needed. The committee chair will be appointed by MAPS leadership, and the committee chair will appoint a co-chair.

Each committee is provided with a working remit. Under direction from the committee chair and co-chair, the committee will develop a plan, including a schedule of events, that details how the committee remit will be met.

Committees will meet monthly, and will produce minutes from each meeting that will be sent to the MAPS Executive Director. The chair will designate a secretary to take minutes for each meeting, and upon the chair’s review and approval of the minutes, the secretary will distribute the minutes to the other committee members. The committee chair is responsible for setting the meeting agenda and ensuring that the minutes are written in a timely manner. A toll-free number and WebEx login information will be provided by MAPS for committee meetings.

The estimated time for Committee participation is between 5-7 hours per month.

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