MAPS Presidents’ Round table 2018

Hear Kirk Shepard, former MAPS President, Charlotte Kremer, MAPS President, Ornah Levine-Dolberg, MAPS EMEA President and Thérèse McCall, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Depomed discuss the following:

  • Why MAPS was formed;
  • MAPS’ mission and function;
  • The shifting stakeholder map for Medial Affairs and their role as ears to the ground for the C-suite, particularly with regard to patient insight;
  • The key capabilities and talent gaps that need to be addressed within Medical Affairs and the need for medical to grow in confidence, boosted by enhanced capabilities and business acumen.


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Creating a Safe Community of Medical Affairs Professionals

Charlotte Kremer, MAPS Global President & EVP & Head of Medical Affairs, Astellas on the value of MAPS bringing the medical affairs community together to share their challenges and successes.

Why MAPS: The Need for Medical Affairs to Come Together as a Function

Kirk Shepard, former President of MAPS and Senior VP, Head of Global Medical Affairs Oncology, Eisai on how MAPS (The Medical Affairs Professional Society) came about and the goal of MAPS to be the voice of Medical Affairs to take it to the next level.

MAPS: The Opportunity to Work Together to Solve Common Issues in Medical Affairs

Ornah Levine-Dolberg, EMEA President, MAPS & VP & Global Head of Medical Affairs, Glenmark talks about the commonality of issues facing Medical Affairs and the value of MAPS in bringing people together to work in unison to solve common issues.

Medical Affairs: Finding our Voice as a Profession

What does being the voice of Medical Affairs mean? Kirk Shepard, former MAPS President & Sr. VP, Head of Global Medical Affairs Oncology at Eisai discusses the importance of forming that voice in partnership with other functions. Charlotte Kremer, MAPS President & EVP & Head of Medical Affairs, Astellas urges Medical Affairs to ‘lean in’ and be a proactive strategic leader.

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