The MAPS Annual Meeting & Community is TRANSFORMATIONAL – It’s a NEW BEGINNING for our PROFESSION — It is YOUR MEETING; attend this webinar and learn why!

The MAPS Annual Meeting & Community is TRANSFORMATIONALIt’s a NEW BEGINNING for our PROFESSION — It is YOUR MEETING; attend this webinar and learn why!

Please join us on Friday, April 28, 2017, 12 PM-1 PM EDT, for a deep dive into the MAPS Annual Meeting—DELIVERING ON THE VISION FOR MEDICAL AFFAIRS: Rethinking Our Role and Value. During this webinar, Ramin Farhood, PharmD, MBA, Vice President, Head of Scientific Affairs, Shire Pharmaceuticals, and member of MAPS Executive Leadership Committee and Kirk Shephard, MD, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Medical Affairs Oncology Eisai and President 2017, MAPS will share their vision on what makes this meeting unique, and why you must attend.

As Medical Affairs professionals, it’s critical that we stay abreast of the many changes in our field—changes that are helping us evolve from a support function to a leadership position within the life-sciences industry. The Medical Affairs Professional Society—MAPS—is a NON-PROFIT Society that has been formed to help us unite as a professional community, to build the future together, and we hope to take that first step with you at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Case-Based workshops focused on practical solutions… intimate discussions and debates… small-group networking opportunities… and more!

The design of the Annual Meeting agenda allows for intimate dialogue and active engagement between the meeting faculty and attendees. Why? So that your voice can be heard over the entire three days. You don’t just listen to us, we also listen to you.

Each session begins with a brief keynote address by a seasoned Medical Affairs professional. What follows next are small rotating workshops led by pairs of seasoned Medical Affairs professionals, one from industry and one a solutions provider. Through their collaboration and sharing of real-world experience, and by interacting closely with the workshop attendees, your challenges will be addressed and you will be provided with actionable take-home solutions.

The meeting ends with an elective session where we ask your thoughts on our vision and mission, and where you think our resources should be focused over the next year. We will share our proposed plans for global activities, potential partnerships, committees, and what we consider to be the most pressing initiatives. With your input, the result of this discussion will assist MAPS leadership in ensuring that our initiatives meet your needs.

We need your voice to help us achieve our mutual goals. Attend this webinar; register for the MAPS Annual Meeting; and join the journey to transform Medical Affairs.


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Ramin Farhood, PharmD, MBA

Vice President, Head of Shared Medical Excellence
Shire Pharmaceuticals


Kirk Shepard, MD

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Medical Affairs Oncology
President 2016-2017, Medical Affairs Professional Society


About MAPS
MAPS is the premier non-profit global society of Medical Affairs professionals across a spectrum of fields, experience, and locales. With our non-profit status, MAPS is able to reinvest all revenue back into the society, which ensures our ability to create valuable programs and resources that support the Medical Affairs community.

We encourage you to participate with us in the journey to transform Medical Affairs. What has drawn many of us to MAPS is that we are not only an offering for training and education, but a community of professionals collaborating to enhance the value and understanding of what Medical Affairs brings to our industry. By getting involved now, you will have a chance to help shape our society, and allow your voice to be heard.

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