Mission,Vision & Value

MAPS Mission

Our mission is to advance the Medical Affairs profession and increase its impact across the biopharmaceutical and device industry by

  • Promoting excellence across Medical Affairs functions
  • Developing guidelines to support industry standards and best practices
  • Fostering advocacy for the Medical Affairs profession
  • Building capabilities and provide a platform that supports the practice of Medical Affairs

MAPS Vision

Our vision is to transform the Medical Affairs profession globally to increase its value to patients, healthcare professionals, and society.

MAPS Value

For Medical Affairs Professionals

MAPS provides unparalleled opportunity to tap into the collective experience and best practices of MA peers and thought-leaders, globally.

For Senior MA Leaders

MAPS provides access to a network of top-level peers collaborating to identify trends, set standards, and advance the Medical Affairs function.

For Early Career Medical Affairs Professionals

MAPS provides insight into MA career paths along with skills, training and connections within the MA community needed to accelerate career growth.

For Middle Leadership Medical Affairs Professionals

MAPS provides visioning resources from a community of peers and thought leaders to facilitate the transition from a focus on personal projects to become enterprise thinkers.

For Biopharmaceutical and Medical Technology Organizations

MAPS provides best-in-class on-demand and interactive training resources to ensure MA teams are equipped with the comprehensive ability to implement best practices.

For Solution Providers

MAPS provides the opportunity to demonstrate value to the MA community through innovation while growing recognition as an industry leader in their niche.

For Patients, Society, and the Healthcare Ecosystem

MAPS provides thought-leadership guiding the ability of the Medical Affairs function to bridge the gap between the biopharmaceutical industry that develops new medicines and the healthcare providers and patients who need them.

The Value of MAPS to Individuals

Not Yet in MA/IndustryNew to MAMiddle LeadershipVP & Above
Functional Excellence
MAPS makes available on-demand and interactive resources help prospective MA professionals create and demonstrate the skills needed to secure a first positionMAPS formalizes best practices and standards/guidelines to guide the growth of new MA skills and functionMAPS facilitates the skills MAs need to transition from focus on assigned projects to become enterprise thinkersMAPS offers an opportunity for leaders to drive the development of the first cross-industry standards while accessing the tools needed to realize MA as a strong function within their organizations
Professional Growth & Development
MAPS helps those not yet in the profession to conceptualize and capitalize on MA career pathsMAPS offers a supportive community along with the training and networking needed to grow careers in MAMAPS provides peer-to-peer inspiration and fresh ideas, helping middle leadership look beyond silos to advance their careersMAPS provides a unique forum for senior leaders to share and receive expertise with a collaborative network of peers, staying up to the minute on emerging trends and career transition opportunities, while advocating for the MA function

The Value of MAPS to Organizations

500+ MA Employees 50-500 MA EmployeesStartup Solution Providers
Strategic Business Excellence
Pulse-taking within the MAPS community allows organizations to evolve MA practices and structures based on emergent conditionsReal-time, peer-to-peer interactions offer insights into emerging opportunities and threats, while engaging in the MAPS community demonstrates organizational thought leadershipVisibility within MAPS positions startups alongside established biopharma entities as a signal of legitimacy/growth of the MA function within the companyMAPS connects solution providers with the opportunity to demonstrate the value of their innovations to the MA community
Employee and Team ExcellenceMAPS ensures employees of participating organizations receive best-in-class continuous training and development, while offering access to a strengths-based talent pipelineMAPS positions mid-sized biopharma organizations to capitalize on the best practices defined by larger organizations, as well as innovative strategies of startups MAPS offers startup leadership a roadmap for implementing an MA team from n=1 employee, and offers cost-effective skill-building resources that replace the need for in-house training Solution providers embed within the ecosystem of MA, becoming valuable partners with the people, culture, language, and future directions of the function
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