MSL Excellence

Presenters: Mark Rees-Saunders and Helen Kane

The number of MSLs was projected to grow by 20% in 2017 which is reflective of the growing importance of field based medical teams as key opinion leaders (KOLs) seek greater support in navigating complex information. While the core competencies of the MSL remain unchanged, new capabilities will be needed – both for MSLs and MSL leaders – to meet the demands of the changing roles. But what does the modern MSL look like and what skills will they need now and in the future?


Key Insights

This webinar will discuss how maximising MSL in-role effectiveness and driving MSL excellence.  Attendees will gain valuable insights on:

  • Driving MSL Excellence – what are the building blocks, why does excellence matter and how do we define and measure excellence?
  • Maximising In-Role Effectiveness
  • Planning for success



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