Ilyssa Levins

President and Founder
Center for Communication Compliance (CCC)

Ilyssa Levins is a futurist, industry spokesperson and a published author/columnist who is hyper-focused on fueling high-performing, highly efficient collaborative teams committed to advancing patient care. Early in her career as a communications executive for Grey Global Group, Ilyssa recognized that cross-functional, cross-sector teams of healthcare professionals grounded in trust were more likely to drive innovation.
“When we truly understand and trust one another, innovation flows.”

This is particularly important in the areas of regulatory compliance and promotional review where collaborative teams save time and money, and manage risk when developing and approving innovative educational and marketing activities, including digital initiatives. Medical affairs plays a critical role in ensuring that communications are medically and scientifically accurate, up-to-date, and consistent with current medical practice.To address this unmet industry need, Ilyssa founded the Center for Communication Compliance (CCC) and launched a portfolio of business solutions, including eLearning, software and a ground-breaking trust building methodology called the Myth Busting Mindset™.
“How we think about one another (our mindset) is as important as how we perform in our functional roles (the mechanics).”

This change management methodology has been embraced by several non-profit organizations, including the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) for which Ilyssa was honored with the STAR Award in 2014. One of her HBA contributions is the creation and launch of a business acumen tool along with educational offers for members and non-members.
“Learning to succinctly communicate the value of your functional role is an investment in your future, the success of your functional department, and the health of the industry at large.”
Ilyssa also received an HBA President’s Award, an HBA Luminary Award, and was named one of the industry’s 100 Inspiring People in 2012.

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