Ornah Levine-Dolberg, MD

Vice President & Global Head of Medical Affairs

Research & Development
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

MAPS EMEA President

Dr. Ornah Levine-Dolberg graduated from the Ben Gurion University, Medical School in 1990. Following her residency in Psychiatry completed cum laude, she was the Director of the Day Hospital at the Sheeba Medical Center in Israel for 7 years. Her first industry role was in 2003 as a Country Medical Director for Lundbeck. After 3 years in that role she moved to Copenhagen to take up various roles in Global Medical Affairs, including heading the department of Scientific Communications, responsibility for a competitive ISS program, and being the Global Medical Director for escitalopram, a highly successful treatment for Mood and Anxiety Disorders. One of her final roles in Lundbeck was the launch of escitalopram in China.

Dr Ornah Levine-Dolberg joined Teva Pharmaceuticals in mid-2013 to head the newly formed Medical Affairs, Growth Markets. From a team of 2 this department has grown to more than 100 employees. Dr Levine-Dolberg established all functions in this team including Medical Operations and Excellence, Therapeutic Area Leads and their operating model, Country Medical Directors and their departmental structures and deliverables. On a regional level, she built various infrastructure capabilities such as Medical Information, promotional material review, governance bodies, operating models, KPIs, financial structures, and a strategic project called Signature Medical Moves. In addition, Ornah was part of the leadership team of Growth Markets and a prominent member of the Global Medical Affairs Leadership team.

In September 2016 Ornah joined Glenmark Pharmaceuticals in their London headquarters to establish and launch Global Medical Affairs and to help the company in its transition from a medium sized Indian company to a global presence with expertise in all facets of drug development and commercialization.


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