Real World Data: Unlocking Valuable Insights Throughout the Lifecycle

Speakers: Rahul Mandlik, PhD and Mikhail Sumin, MD, PhD


Real world data (RWD), when captured and analyzed, produces the Real-World Evidence (RWE) that underpins the economic case for innovative medicines. Furthermore, RWD can inform the understanding of disease, help identify new therapeutic intervention points, and improve the efficiency of research and development (R&D), especially clinical trials. Unlocking the potential of any promising tool like RWD is not free from challenge and its full potential has yet to be realized. This Webinar aims to provide practical insight into the challenges surrounding RWD and RWE generation with interactive conversation on how individual companies are approaching these challenges.

Learning Objectives: 

By participating in this Webinar and/or the subsequent workshop at the MAPS EMEA 2018 Annual Meeting, attendees will be better able to:
  • Understand the full spectrum of challenges around the use & integration of RWD & RWE including data availability, reliability, quality of data sources, the cost of data acquisition and integration, and acceptance by key stakeholders
  • Realize the full opportunity of RWE throughout the product life-cycle supporting all cases from clinical research, pre-regulatory approval and post-approval.
  • Understand the limitations of RWE, including patient confidentiality, data quality and accessibility, and how they can be overcome
  • Use this evidence effectively and within frameworks defined by regulators at a country or regional level



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