Removing the Barriers to External Stakeholder Engagement

Speakers: Alexander Semenov, Senior Regional Medical Director, TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Lance Hill, CEO, Within3


Virtual meetings are becoming a common method for engaging external stakeholders. Many Medical Affairs personnel seek input and feedback from external stakeholders regularly. This ensures outbound communication is aligned with field-based reality. Additionally, external consultants assist companies with insights and recommendations for addressing current or future initiatives.

This webinar will address several topics that will be discussed in further detail at the MAPS 2018 EMEA Annual Meeting this October in Berlin, as well as during the pre-conference online session conducted via the MAPS Community Platform.

Understanding peers’ current experience with virtual engagement provides tremendous opportunity for learning and understanding how these approaches may be relevant to others’ communication objectives.



After participating in this Webinar, participants will be better positioned to:

  • Gain insights on how Medical Affairs role has changed to include more of a “business partnership” role
    • Discuss what expectations and rationale this shift means for Medical Affairs and the future of the Medical Affairs landscape
    • Identify what are the KPIs that show efficiency of Medical Affairs within the business organization?
  • Understand how generic manufacturers differ in Medical Affairs approaches, and if there are best practices from primary manufacturers and generic/biosimilar manufacturers that can be leveraged in your business
  • Establish ways to utilize the virtual meeting environment for customer engagement
  • Identify audiences that can be engaged via the virtual meeting environment


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