Field Medical Centers of Excellence

Field Medical Centers of Excellence - What does best in class look like?


At the MAPS 2019 Global Annual Meeting, delegates attending a workshop on Field Medical Centers of Excellence debated the question ‘What does best in class look like?’.  This report shares the key insights from that workshop and provides further context with interviews and case studies from Medical Affairs colleagues who have first-hand experience of setting up and progressing a Field Medical Center of Excellence (CoE).


  • Explore different Field Medical CoE models and key considerations for the different approaches taken
  • Discuss the key success factors and also the challenges when setting up a Field Medical CoE
  • Share the best practices and innovation that is driving the importance of Field Medical CoE
  • Provide food for thought for companies who may be considering setting up a CoE to learn from companies who are further along the journey
Field Medical CoE White Paper

Author Acknowledgement

MAPS would like to thank the following contributors:

Donna Holder, Executive Director, Global Field Medical Center of Excellence (CoE), Merck & Co., Inc.

Michelle Powell, Director, Field Medical Excellence, Medical Affairs, Americas, Astellas.

Ralph Rewers, Sr Director, Field Medical Excellence, AbbVie.

Robin Winter-Sperry, Head, Global Field Based Medical Excellence & Insights, Sanofi Genzyme

Andrey Ipatov. Head of Medical Excellence and Scientific Partnership, AstraZeneca.

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