Standards and Guidance – Launch Excellence

The Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) is pleased to announce the launch of the Medical Affairs Launch Excellence Guidance Resource– the second in a series of Standards & Guidance documents developed through collaborative best practice sharing and input by senior Medical Affairs (MA) leaders to further MAPS’ mission of developing industry standards and best practices.

The MAPS Medical Affairs Launch Excellence Guidance Resource, a vital new resource for MAPS members and constituents, is an essential key to understanding the expanded role Medical Affairs now plays within the healthcare landscape.

Authored by seven global Medical Affairs thought leaders, at the core of this work are its foundational principles, which express the pivotal need for early team building and involvement by Medical Affairs from the very beginning of the launch process to help guide professionals to success. Collaborative perspectives can be found on building an integrated launch team, assessing team competencies, creating a viable strategy development process, building and executing evidence generation and dissemination plans, and optimizing stakeholder engagement. Also discussed as paramount is the significance of ensuring global strategic alignment, rolling out regional launch plans, measuring impact and value through data analytics, and employing the insights gathered to drive and evolve the launch planning process.

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