Scientific Communication Platforms – Best Practices for Medical Affairs

The Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) announces the launch of its latest industry guidance resource meant to provide best practices on scientific communication platforms for Medical Affairs experts.

Within the last decade, the scientific communication platform has become an essential strategic internal document that provides the groundwork for medical communications for external audiences. Developed with input from five industry veterans, the new “Scientific Communication Platforms—Best Practices for Medical Affairs” resource focuses on practical planning processes and tools to support the development of these platforms, best practices for training and rollout, and metrics to assess and ensure optimal use.

Scientific communication platforms offer an opportunity to develop scientific communication points about products or disease states that are supported by scientific evidence and are aligned with overall strategy. These platforms ensure that accurate, consistent language and referencing are used throughout communication activities, supporting a unified narrative based on proven scientific evidence as team members interact with external audiences. Medical Affairs teams are often distributed across regions and around the world, and they frequently work with diverse audiences who have different needs, from physicians to pharmacists to payers, highlighting the need for a single source of information that ensures all team members are in alignment.

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Scientific Communications Platforms – Best Practices for Medical Affairs

Scientific Communications Platform Process Checklist


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