Two years into the Sunshine Act: Synopsis of opportunities, challenges, learnings, and potential implications

Source: Toroser D, Pepitone K. CMRO. 2016;32:11,1899-1902

The Sunshine Act (the Act), also sometimes referred to as Open Payments, is the section of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that focuses on increasing transparency of financial relationships between the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device industries (referred to as applicable manufacturers [AMs] and certain healthcare practitioners (HCPs; referred to as covered recipients [CRs]). Since its passage, there has been significant discussion from both industry and HCPs on whether the Act will meet its intended goal—to help patients make better-informed decisions about their HCPs and help control health care costs. There has also been concerns regarding the context in which the financial-transaction data are reported. This article provides an update on the Sunshine Act following the first two full years of reporting on the financial transactions between AMs and CRs.[mepr-show if=”rule: 4078″]

Toroser 2016


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